Greg B's Email to Representative Robert E. Latta

06/09/2009 11:23

I gave you a grade of B. If you would like to send a message to all the powers in our government I would appreciate it. Here is the message.

"Government get out of our lives! We do not want government health care, TARP, GM Bailout, Bankbail out. Stop penalizing the people who do the work and contribute to our economy. Penalize those who do not help. STOP WITH THE TAXES. We need to run the government like a business and get it into the black not the red. If you all don't understand, handouts cause RED INK. People do not appreciate anything unless they EARN IT. To help lower cost in health care put people in charge of it, make it easy by eliminating PPO's & Networks, (I would like to go to any doctor without being penalized) allow people to negoiate with providers. Chioce is powerfull, Look at the Auto Industry!!!! When there was little choice GM was the King, Now with massive amounts of choice in cars the CONSUMER IS KING."

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