Morry M's Email to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

03/11/2013 19:58

I gave you a grade of F.   The reasons should be obvious since I've read several of the other letters from GRADEGOV.COM which graded you and . . . it would be pointless to explain why an F is actually too high a grade for a man who simultaneously beats all records for both ignorance AND arrogance BECAUSE . . . you never listen to anyone anyway since you see yourself as a know-it-all genius, just like most ignoramuses do.

I will be AMAZED if you change your mind now and follow the will of the people to vote to DE-FUND Obama care later this month when the continuing resolution for funding the gov't comes to a vote.  If you should vote that way, however, you'll redeem yourself in my eyes and actually get my vote when you run in 2018.    The odds against your doing that are probably astronomical, but if the long shot comes in, I will keep my promise and vote for you.  If it doesn't, then NOT ONLY will I vote against you regardless of who your opponent is, but I will work hard for and contribute to whoever runs against you.


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