Dan M's Email to Senator Rob Portman

03/25/2013 11:16

I gave you a grade of F.  I see you have once again sold out the American people and voted to tax the Internet. It is bad enough we have a traitor destoying our country and allowing our citizens to be murdered and now we have the Republicans helping him destroy our country. We take orders for Border Patrol uniforms out of America and allow Mexico to make them. What a security risk that will create. Mr. Portmant you are no better than Barack Obama because you have shown you have no morals just like Obama. These things will all surface at your next election and you will be removed. You are one of the reasons for the second admendment you have chose to ignore. You will be remembered for your total destruction of this country. You must be proud to be considered a traitor to this country. You are a total disgrace to The State of Ohio and all it's citizens. As sad as you have become I would hide from your voters too but it won't help because we will see you at the ballot box.

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