Louise S's Email to Senator Charles E. Schumer

03/29/2013 15:20

I gave you a grade of F. because you manipulate and distorte the truth.  You are supporting the infringement of our 2nd amendment rights while the current laws are not enforced.  The Standford University report on prosecutions of gun violations was published.  Those with the toughest laws were ranked lowest.  Chicago 90 out of 90, L.A. 89 out of 90, N.Y 88th out of 90. Of 15,700 criminals and Felons who tried to purchase guns only 44 were prosecuted and 13 convicted.  I srongly suggest that you support the enforcement of the laws that exist instead of adding more laws that would unconstitutionally infringe on citizens rights.   This is being done only for political reasons and to promote you and the administration.  Spend your time more effectively reforming our spending, debt and budget.

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