Patricia D's Email to Senator Rob Portman

04/10/2013 13:04

I 'm not sure what grade to give you but I am not pleased with your tepid ideas of gun control. You need to go by the constitution that the government cannot infringe on our rights to bear arms. I have no doubt that if you give this president background checks he will do every thing he can to take guns away from anybody that many have taken an antidepressant. It is already happening in New Your. We need to make it easier to treat young people who need serious treatment. Nothing that congress is thinking of passing would have stopped any of these attacks. Everything about this gun thing is for the president to take our minds of the mess he is making out of our economy. He is an expert at demonizing and distracting. Don't let him get away with blaming anything on the conservatives, who must if they are going to save this country, beat him at his own game.

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