Dan M's Email to Senator Rob Portman

04/20/2013 06:51

I gave you a grade of F.  I see you are now one of the key people that has the control if a tax is put on the Internet. I just want you to know myself and many Ohio citizens will be watching how you vote on this issue. It is time for Congress to start controlling your spending and quit adding more taxes to the American people. I am going to watch what you two Senators and everything you vote for and against. Mr Brown is already an Obama puppet and so we need you to start supporting America and our Constitution. I do thank you for supporting the Second Amendment. I have a hard time understanding what happens to people who go into politics and seem to lose all their common sense. The American people's money is wasted supporting our enemies while our own veterans are ignored. One thing Congress is accomplishing is more and more people are awaking to the fact that many in Congress do not have our best interest at heart. We will be watching and voting accordingly.

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