linda g's Email to Representative Steve Womack

04/23/2013 05:29

I gave you a grade of F. Any vote for the taxation of the internet is when I will not support you any more. No Amnesty. Now gun laws period. The dems are the spenders and that needs to stop. Do not help them. We are taxed enough. Have you really ever heard of any politician getting re-elected after taxing the people. Just because Obama has people dependant on handouts and has everyone else thinking he's the best thing since sliced bread most people want him out. No Internet Taxes. No gun laws. No Amnesty. Enforce the laws on the books now, cut every dime illegals get. Many of us are sick of them. Losing our jobs to them. Getting stuck with lesser jobs. Do you really want to allow the legalization of millions of new voters for the democrat party. I am abou6t to join the libertarian party. You republicans should not help Obama ruin this country. We sent all of you to Washington in 2012 to put a stop to the dempcrat machine. Please do not aid and abet them. I am still trying to figure out why you voted for the NDAA Law. To me that was moving us closer to Nazism with Obama in the starring role. Please tell me how I can support you in the future when I see me voting against you next time you run.

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