linda g's Email to Representative Steve Womack

07/22/2013 04:29

I gave you a grade of F. 100% on here say they will not vote for you again. I am disgusted that Boehber will probably roll over and allow the immigration bill to go thru. Man I am sick of hearing about the poor immigrants. They have drained this country of jobs and services for way too long. Why can't we just ebnforce the laws we already have???? I read just this morning in the NYTimes where illegals are sending food to Jamaica Haiti and another country. All purchased with our food stamps. Is foreign aid not enough. Nowthey get on our programs intended to feed poor Americans and send that out of the country too! While Americans and their KIDS go hungry you feed illegals and allow them to feed everyone they know in another country. While I feel very bad for poor people every where I am disgusted that hungry Americans can't get aid because of so many illegals. Any Amnesty id disgraceful. Boehner should resign before he sends any immigration or amnesty bill out of the house. The dems will just rewrite it into what they want. We The People are sick of this crap. Just say NO NO NO NO. Please we are so sick of this. Where do yu stand?? I am sick of worrying about the end of this nation because we all know when you allow the dems to get this amnestyu passed we are all sunk. Here in the 3rd district we don't want this crap passed. The bleeding hearts are sickening. Why don't they stand up for the poor in this country. Just take away their being able to get a job. Use e-verify. Punish businessmen who hire illegals. Use existing law already on the books. If they could not work or feed off the poor taxpayers of this nation there would be no need to close the border. I have come to the conclusion you can never close it anyway. But you can take away what draws them here. Stop rewarding criminals. They do break our laws just by coming here. Americans have no chance in their own country any more. Do not allow them to pass this sick bill. Lots of folks will lose their comfy jobs and get sent home if they vote for this. We out here are tired of working to support all these people and not being able to find work ourselves. Just yesterday I talked to a woman that has worked for Oreilley Auto Parts store for 15 years. She has been put on part time. She also has cancer and is going to lose her insurance. All because of ObamaCare. Are you folks not so proud of your selves now? What about us? We deserve a whole lot better than we are getting here. So tell them folks to pass the immigration bill and in the words of Clint Eastwood "Make our day" We will vote out all who pass this mess. Things are bad enough already. Don't compound the situation. I just wish we could trust you lawmakers. Rino's ruin everything. No Amnesty. No Immigration Bill period. Thank you sir. I hope we can depend on you to hold Americans in you heart and do what you can to stop the madness. Thank You for your service.

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