linda g's Email to Representative Steve Womack

07/24/2013 09:05

I gave you a grade of F. Dear Sir. I have no insurance. I also do not want the government telling me what coverage I must have and how much it will cost me, I will not fund abortions. Never dare ask that of me. You are in the Congress so you are in line there to be able to stop funding for this bad law. Recently we have seen many people go from full time jobs to part time. I personally know a woman in that situation all the while fighting cancer. She had insurance coverage but was forced to go part time at her job and lost her insurance. For two years. That Sir is unforgivable. The democrats are ruining this country. Stop funding this bad law and save this nation. I know that if the people we elect can get rid of it then something better can be done. Just do not make it something we have to do. Thos of us out here are smart enough to get insurance if we can afford it. The trick is to do it a little at a time. Buying over state lines. Like car insurance. Stop people from frivolous law suits and allow the serious ones to move forward. Be smart enough to know that any thing crammed down the throats of America will not now or ever be popular. We don't want it. Too many people have been exempted from it. If it is fair for one it is fair for all and that includes you folks in Washington who hung it on us. Stop the madness. Impeach the illegal alien in the White House. Get his records. No Amnesty. He just wants to ,ake himself LEGAL. Your voters are not the dumb low info voters of the democrat party. We need to be able to depend on you. Can we? My local news programs never mention you at all unless it is a puff piece. Where are you on these issues? Your web site does not tell me anything. Thank You Sir

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