Linda S's Email to Representative Bobby L. Rush

08/13/2013 06:06

Gannett Paper- C.Brown 17 years old,"Bad behavior among young men his age is driven by peer pressure,the actions of a few pervade the entire neighborhood.  It's all about fitting in .Everyone is trying to be hard.They are influenced by rappers they see on T.V.,talking tough.They learn that it is cool to carry a gun and shoot people!" Perhaps you, as a supposed lawmaker, should spend less time wasting taxpayer money, spend less time taking what you think is your share of taxpayer money,spend less time expecting Americans to pay your health insurance, and spend more time tackling one of the most pressing issues in America---The Killing Zones in America!  Killing Zone is the area where the American Terrorists exist , instill fear in the residents who must occupy the area due to low income or no income. Killing Zones are areas that volunteers avoid, where Black students who aspire to learn , who have moral values taught in their homes, are not given the opportunity to do so because "the actions of a few pervade the entire neighborhood.!" The actions of a few determine the future of all! And in the meantime you, as a supposed lawmaker, actually encourage the American Terrorists!

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