Linda S's Email to Representative Bobby L. Rush

08/15/2013 11:13

Killing Zones-S. Posey, Gannett Papers--"Families with young children are apt to spend all their time indoors,especially in the summer,because of the danger in the streets.There are few recreational activities for children. I think everyone should be able to go outside and play wherever they want to, but that's not the reality here. If you don't live here,you don't care about it, and most people don't have the resources to go  anywhere else." "The actions of a few pervade the entire neighborhood."  Why do 5% of the youth/men in these communities determine what happens to the future of those in the community and school systems who are trying to better themselves?The 5% have made wrong choices and will continue to make wrong choices! And yet these 5% are controlling the lives of students and law abiding citizens who have no other choices or options. What are you doing other than wearing a hoodie and encouraging the 5% to thrive???FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

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