linda g's Email to Representative Steve Womack

08/26/2013 14:29

I gave you a grade of F. Got an email answer from you the other day. I did not get a straight forward answer that NO you would not vote for amnesty in any way. Instead you ended the email with telling me you would keep my thoughts in mind. Funny. That's the same thing Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor does or did. We voted her out. I really don't know if you really know what we poorer folks out here think about our lawmakers any more or not. We are not happy. We are floundering and going down into a great big hole while illegals get everything. Some my be stupid and fall for this stuff but I tell you most do not. I look on this site and see that 100% will not re-elect you and I know how they feel. I am sending you a link to an article. I pray you read it. Crime has stepprf up here in northwest Arkansas. I work nights. I am afraid to drive home alone any more. Women do not feel safe. I pray you will read this article. We all understand what ir says. We just hope all of you about to make a big amnesty mistake know what we are dealing with out here. You need to remember Americans first. You need to remember Americans only. No matter how you explain it those illegals broke our laws to come here the way they did. Amnesty just rewards them and is a slap in the face to Americans and those immigrants who come here legally. Please read this article. See where we are coming from. Read the comments also. They are even more important. That's We Thre People and what we think of amnesty. God Bless you sir and all your hard work.


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