patricia s's Email to Senator Lindsey Graham

09/03/2013 06:32

I gave you a grade of F. I am tired of you constantly selling out "We the People" of SC by caving in to the liberals on every issue.  I do NOT want our military in any way involved in Syria & if you vote to give Obama his way, you have lost my vote, period.  I want us out of the Middle East all together & out of the United Nations.  I want you to abide by the Consitutional Oath you took & uphold the Constitution.  I am praying that the people of SC will vote you out of office & put you in Obama's unemployment line & welfare line & on Obama care like the rest of the people that you have put us all in w/your siding w/the libs all the time.  Quit "compromising" our rights.  Either be a conservative & vote for us that way, or switch parties which it appears is where your heart seems to be.  You are employed by "We the People" not Obama so you better be representing us the way we want or you will be out of a job hopefully. 

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