Kathleen J's Email to Representative Bobby L. Rush

09/06/2013 14:01

I gave you a grade of F.  I am absolutely livid at the thought of another bumbling, inept, attempt at manipulating politics in the middle east.  We are broke.  The military stripped to the minimum and we are going to depose another leader (Assad) that your party called a moderate a year ago only to have him replaced by the very people that murdered 3000 Americans in New York and many others in Benghazi.  Yes, chemical weapons are a human rights tragedy and so is the slaughter of Coptic Christians by Al-Queda, the murderous scum that morons of BOTH parties in Congress are calling moderates.  You Boobs are a world laughingstock.  We have idiots in Congress that know nothing of history, common sense, or the Constitution.  You people shouldn't be voted out, but immediately impeached and jailed.

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