Beverly T's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

09/11/2013 21:19

I gave you a grade of C- because you won't sign the petition to defund Obamacare.  Last year about this time I was at a gathering where you were the speaker (even got my picuture taken with you).  And at that time you spoke negatively about the Healthcare bill (and I agree).  You also said you were going to work to stop it.  So what happened.  Why can't you join the others by joining in with that petition?

Also, you know that the American Public is totally against getting involved with Syria's civil war.  So, why did I learn today that the CIA is starting to supply the rebels with military supplies?  This needs to stop.  Do you really not know tha the rebels and their sidekicks are not our friends, they will turn these weapons on us as soon as they get a chance, and they use them against innocent civilians, expecially Christians and non-Muslims.  We do not want our taxpayer dollars used to support the Muslim Brotherhood or Alquada.  Peiod.  You are supposed to be representing our will.  We the American people are about fed up with the corruption, the overstepping of the constitution, spying on us, and using the IRS against us.  But most of all, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.


Also, FYI, you might read and give this some thought:

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