linda g's Email to Representative Steve Womack

10/19/2013 05:41

I gave you a grade of F. I will give you anF until you hold out and vote NO on Amnesty. I was led to believe you were strobg in fighting against amnesty. That law you were the first police force in Arkansas to use. Obama has commited so many crimes against the people of this nation it is unbelievable. Get rid od Boehner. No more caving to what the dems want. Big business rakes in billions yearly and pay low wage earners the lowest pay they can get away with. My job pays $11 dollars an hour. The only reason I took this crappy job is because illegals took all the painting jobs in NWARK. We see all of you allowing these illegal law breaking people to invade us and steal our jobs. They swallow up our health care and food stamps. They have made Springdale Arkansas a nasty ugly city. Crime is bad here. We have the drug cartels here too. Pryor in all his glory said so. I guess he doesn't care because he can't stop toading to Obama. If amnesty is passed you may as well go home because the new democrats will out vote you forever. God knows  I don't want to separate families so send them all home. No Anchor Babies. No immigration reform. We need immigration enforcement. Obama is releasing mexican criminals into our country daily. What are you doing about that??? Get rid of the cry baby Boehner and put some one else in his job. No more caving in. We are watching all of the mess in Washington.

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