Ian M's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

10/20/2013 17:03

I gave you a grade of F. after hearing your rantings about Cannibus causing death, are you just that stupid or has the booze you've been swilling down over the years in congress truly pickled your brain. You sir should get educated, perhaps if you'd smoked some reefer your brain wouldn't be in the early stages of dementia or alzheimers.You of course weren't stupid enough to actually believe Anslingers bogus propaganda were you. Maybe one to many shots of moon shine, nothing worse than an old pill popping drunkard like yourself in any job other than picking up trash on our highways, something I doubt your qualified for


It is time for you to retire and as a REPULICAN IN THE STATE OF KY, I will not support or vote for you come 2014. If fact I dislike you so much I would consider voting for a Democrat something I've never done in my 38 years of voting. You sir are disgrace GET OUT with some dignity you tired useless old man


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