Ian M's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

11/23/2013 06:09

I gave you a grade of F. after your lateest mindless rant threatening to punch tea party members in the nose. Criminal threatening is against the law you tired senile old FU(K you should resign before your arrested for this criminal threat. I personally will do everything I personally cavn to see that you never darken the halls of congress again go home seek end of life counseling and a good anger management counseler you sir and other such ilk as yourself such as that slime bag Reid do not belong in DC you all belong behind bars or in a rubber room

we no longer have use for the likes of you Pelosi Reid or the other criminals in DC get out go home and do the right thing for once in your useless life RETIRE you leech liar and cheat

your an embarrassment to the state of KY and the nation

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