Ian M's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

03/17/2014 14:57

I gave you a grade of F. after hearing latest mindless demented rants about the Tea Party. You sir are a leech a liar a cheat and you should be run out of town on a rail with the other scallywags who have parked you useless butts in DC to leech off the American public. Your an embarrassment and this Independent has registered as a Repulican for the primaries to vote your uselss lying ass out of DC. personally I have no use for politician but you sir are among the loqwest form of life on earth, leave get out retire, find a field somewhere lay down and end you waste of human space, or just go home and drink yourself in to an alcoholic coma. The other thing you've spewed from you pie hole is that cannabis kill are you so stupid you actually believe the bovine dung that spews from your mouth or are you that far gone, you sir are not a representative of anyone but your self GET OUT of DC go home you lying sack of putrid bovine dung and drag some of the other scally wags from DC with you you've all out lived your usefullness you uselss slime bag

Bevins will make a much better representative than you ever were.


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