Gary P's Email to Representative Tom Cole

08/30/2014 06:10

I gave you a grade of B.

 I Consider myself as a true 76 year old American, who hates to make negative comments about the leadership of our great country, but as of 6-1/2 years into Obama’s term it has become very evident what his goals are. Does anyone believe we will every find out the truths of all the scams in his time as president with the entire puppet like people he has put in high positions? These people are totally controlled by this president, and are terrified do anything against his agenda. It is a travesty of the highest and our elected officials better get off their dead Fannies, quit worrying about getting reelected and do something about this out of control administration!!!!!!

    A very concerned Senior citizen who,

               LOVES THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!

We as Americans must take a stand before this administration totally ruins a Great Country, and it must start with you elected officials!!!!!I

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