Linda S's Email to Representative Bobby L. Rush

09/02/2014 11:56

The majority of the parents who have children joining ISIS have a disconnect with their kids. ISIS goes after angry , depressed kids, --brainwashes them etc.Same situation exists with  School bullies in that there is a disconnect with the parents and the fundamental inner core of the bully is in need of repair ;otherwise, they are attracted to angry gang members and their unlawful activities. Let's get busy with some decent one on one  mentoring in the schools for Bullies who are on their way to becoming full fledged gang members! Presently schools suspend bullies and inform the parents--That is not any attempt, whatsoever, to stop the root cause aggression against others!!! Putting a bandaide on a festoring sore leads to only one thing---  An oozing  pus-filled Bandaide! Seems like lawyers can write all the fancy verbage for the bills/laws but they fail to identify the Root of the problem and how to stop it from mushrooming down the road!!!!!

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