Robert F's Email to Senator Dianne Feinstein

09/04/2014 08:07

I gave you a grade of C. This Country is a Mess under Obama! You are the only Democrat that has any Influence over him. This Admin. is made up of "BOZOS & BIMBOS". You see the Serriousness of the ISSIS thing. Obama has known about this for over a year, and done nothing about it. He has been Dilly-Dalling, Hob-Nobbing, Vacationing, and missing in action. He is Incapable of making Serious Decisions. Our Allies do not Trust him. We have lost Credibility, and for the first time in History are no longer a Leader. He is "WEAK" and should Resign. He is Destroying our Country. He has Bankrupted us. We are in Serious Trouble! Still No Strategy!! PLEASE HELP!             

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