William H's Email to Senator Jeff Merkley

09/11/2014 10:37

I gave you a grade of F.      The gridlock in Washingtonpoints to failure. What do leaders do? What doChief Executives do? They lead. Do the job you were sent to Washington to do.    LEAD

1. We need a Balanced Budget Amendment.

2. The IRS will be eliminated. In its place will be either aFlat Tax or a National Sales Tax. If a Flat Tax, It would include everyone with no exceptions. If a National Sales Tax, the only things excluded would be Medical andPrescription Drugs. Any other things to be added to that wouldhave to be approved by a 2/3 majority of each House.

3. Under no circumstances could the Executive Branchcircumvent Congress. If Congress was not in session they would have to be called back for a specialsession.

4. No ballots during any election would be marked withparty affiliation in association with any candidatesname.

5. Congress will pass nothing that would exclude anyone, especially themselves and any other Federal Employees.

6. Once service for an elected or appointe office is over, all perks and copmpensation would cease.

7. There will be Term Limits for all Federal andSupreme Court Judges, with a mandatory retirement age of 75.

8. There will be Term Limits for Congress. Two 5 year terms for Senators and three 3year terms for Representatives.

9. All funds in the Congressional Retirement Fund would be moved to the Social Security System and Congress would participatelike all other Americans.

10. Congress can purchase their own retirement plans just like everyone else.

11. Congress will no longer vote themselves pay raises but will receive a salary equal to the National income average.

12. All Congressmen will have equal expense accounts to be determined by a panel made up of 5 Republicans, 5 democrats and 5 average citizens chosen at randomwhoseincomes are equal to the National average.

13. Salaries of all government employees will be equal to that of similar positions in private industry.

14. All campaign contributions will go into one Fund and be doled out the the candidates equally.

15. Congress will lose their Health Care System and will participate in the same system as rveryone else.

16. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are Null and Void.

17. The Affordable Health Care act will be replaced by a Bill that will be designed by 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 5Business owners large and small, 5 Doctors andHospital Administrators and 5 Attorneys. In order to expedite this no salaries will be paid till completed and submitted to Congress.

18. Immagration reform will be handled in the same manner, with 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 5 Govenors and 5 Attorneys will draft the Bill and submit it to Congress.

19. There will be no more Earmarks. All Bills will have to stand on its own merits.

20. Voter ID will be mandatory by use of a National ID Card.

21. No one on Government Assistance will be allowed tovote.

Enough is enough. If you want my 

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