linda g's Email to Representative Steve Womack

12/12/2014 09:03

I gave you a grade of F. Well Sir I guess you are one of the cowards who listens to old Boehner. The American People came together as one in 2010 and 2014 to send republicans to Washington. Now when it matters most you vote to fund all things Obama wants that we Americans voted to stop. You have given me a new job of telling everyone I know not to ever vote for you again. I even called your office to say no. This has got to stop. Why you cowards are afraid you will get blamed for shutting down the government is the big puzzle. We sent you there to do just that. Now you have funded all the things we have detested in government till September 2015. I for one will never vote for you again. I even call on you to resign now. You are not upholding our Constitution when you allow the debt to go so high. We want patriots and not rino's. If we wanted more of the same we could have all stayed home lasty November and let the dems have their way. You are ruining this country. That is my view. What will you do next? Pass Amnesty for Oblamo?

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