linda g's Email to Senator Tom Cotton

02/22/2015 14:47

I gave you a grade of F. I read that Obama is sending more money to Kenya. You were elected to stop the robbing of the American People. What has congress done to stop this president? Rudy Guiliani just put into words what Americans think and voted to change last November. Judge Hanen stopped Obama's illegal immigration action but the Homeland Security is still implementing all those illegals. What are you doing to protect America? I read where right wing extrewmests are feared more than ISIS by our nations law enforcement. If our government worked for American's people would not feel this way. I am an old great grandma and I fear more and more every day for my family. I am not alone. Nuts on both sides of the isle need to  be watched. But it seems according to news media right wing equals terrorists while actions like those in Furgeson Missouri are just folks demanding their rights. I guess republicans have no rightas. Or so it seems. You need to speak up and get to work and back Rudy. Thank You

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