Gary P's Email to Representative Tom Cole

04/05/2015 12:32

I gave you a grade of B.

To The Elected Officials of the United States of America (MY HOME)

   With great concern I am writing this letter to you. In my 77 years living in this great country, loving everything we stand for in the world, serving this great country in the U.S. Navy and very proud to serve my country. In the last 6 years I truly believe this country is no longer headed in the right direction with the current administration aligned with to many Muslim in high positions, a president that is lawless, arrogant, and out of control making up his own policies and ignoring our constitution, that all presidents before him have taken the oath to uphold. It is time for you elected officials to stand up against this out of control tyrant. It is hard for me any many of the people I visit with how you people that are suppose to represent the people can sit back and ignore what this president is trying hard to, and getting the job done to destroy our great country!!!! You must open your eyes to these facts and do something about this!!!

  It should have become more evident to you elected officials that in the last 6 years this current President with his pen and phone has done a lot of damage to our great country. I would think there should be some kind of activities in the future to limit the powers of the President so in the future this can’t happen. This President is arrogant, Lawless and will absolutely not negotiate with anyone with different ideas than his. It is a very unhealthy way to run a country, and if allowed to continue we will or already are in a fast decline!!!!

  It is critical that you and the party take action and quit caving to this out of control Tyrant, or our country that we grew up fought for and love will no longer be there!!!!

  Now it appears this president wants to federalize the Ferguson Police Dept. This is all a plan to make it easier to declare Marshall Law,(which he has signed a executive order for him to be able to do this). It looks like this could be plans for Dictatorship!!!!!  (Period)


There are 535 of you elected officials!!  DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A DICTATOR IN CHARGE OF OUR COUNTRY???????


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