linda g's Email to Representative Steve Womack

05/10/2015 15:55

I gave you a grade of F. Dear Sir. Your vote on the last budget act was a disgrace. You gave Obama more power to bring in more illegals. Do not vote for his trades bill. It undermine our Constitution. Have you even read this bill. I doubt it. It was wrong to pass the health care bill when no one read it and this is just making it worse. What are you people there to do? It looks like the Republican Party is there to prop up a losing Obama Presidency. We voted in 2010 and 2012 to send more republicans to Washington to bring about Change and stop what this administration is doing. It is lawless. Try voting against them for a change. We are watching all of you. Please do what we need done. Do not allow some foreign court to over ride our laws. Stop all the illegals from coming across the border and those Obama is flying in. This is way past stupid. I am about to swear off the repub party forever. I will vote against all of you if this trade bill is passed. Remember. We sent you to Washington. The Republican Party under Boehner and McConnell is just a very bad joke.Try making some good news for us for a change. Thank You-I think

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