Frederick M's Email to Senator Lindsey Graham

07/10/2015 23:27

I gave you a grade of F.  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR TINE LITTLE MIND?  Oh I forgot, you have no brains left, you flushed them out when you became a RINO.  Evidently you are trying for every Liberal and Black vote you can get because you are not going to get any true southern vote.  "We should consider removing Confederate Memorials and Graves"  That has to be one of your most assinine statements to date and brother you have made some real assinine ones.  You can forget about getting any higher in the polls, forget about winning South carolina and forget about staying in the Senate.  I have already started a letter writing campaign to insure that.  I wish there was a way to oust you from the Senate with a vte of No Confidence, but we have too many bleeding hearts in the General Assembly, and in Haley.

You disghust Me. 

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