linda g's Email to Representative Steve Womack

11/09/2015 00:49

I gave you a grade of F. Why Why Why Why did you vote for HR.1314? After the very last two elections when we sent more republicans to Washington you are still holding hands with Obama and passing his bills? You Sir are up for election next year. I will not vote for you. Never again. Now we have the HR. 3918 coming up and I bet you vote for that farce too. You do not work for the common man. You are big business all the way. HR 3918 will just allow the jobs being taken by illegals now to be held longer. Jobs like construction, truck drivers and forestry. I have you to know American's want these jobs too. You people have some nerve. Do what you will because in 2016 we are sending Trump to Washington. We are so tired of being lied to. We voted out Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor and next yeara whole lot more will get fired by We The People. The Republican Party is a disgrace. 

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