David S's Email to Senator Jeff Merkley

04/11/2016 16:59

I gave you a grade of F. You called the Patriots a virus. You should have protected them. Instead you contributed to the Murder of Lavoy Finnicum. And it was murder. There is no justification of the breaking of a God given law "the commandment to preserve life" or in a negative "thou shall not kill" in the enforcement of a lowly statutory law. In fact the warrants that were issued for their (patriots) arrest were general "suspicion warrants" so as of that time they had not even been charged with a statutory crime. "Priority of law" should be taken into account by all peace officers. Another words, one does not break rules and regulations in the enforcement of policy, or statutory law in the enforcement of rules and regs and policy, or UCC law in the enforcement of statutory law, rules and regs, or policy. Or Constitutional law in the enforcement of UCC, statutory, rules and regs, policy. 

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