Gary P's Email to Representative James R. Langevin

09/29/2016 12:25

I gave you a grade of F.

Honorable elected officials:


    I am writing this letter to you today as a senior 78 year old concerned American who has served this country with great pride. Today I listen and stand back and try to analyze what is going on in the country I love. Every day on media you hear nothing but the negative side of everything, your listen to a President who continues to make policies that are absolutely destroying a great country, and than he say’s he’s allowing 110,000 more  of these immigrants into our country when they cannot even vet them. This President has in eight years made such a huge divide in this country it is getting close to civil unrest with factions fighting each other, which I truly believe that’s his agenda to declare Martial Law and become America’s first Dictator!!! Sadly we have 535 elected officials who where elected to protect us for all enemies, Foreign and (DOMESTIC)  Obama, Reid, and Pelosi included, and most have joined the good old boy crowd and have chosen to DO NOTHING TO STOP THESE OUT OF CONTROL IDIOT’S!!!!!






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