Beverly T's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

12/12/2016 23:51

I gave you a grade of F.  I was disappointed that you got on "the Russians did it" bandwagon.  I've been following Hillary Clinton's actions since she became Secretary of State and have been disappointed in her.  Nothing the Russians could have said or done would have cause me to vote for her.  

To quote you:  The Russians are not our friend.  Really, then why did you and the rest of the war mongers on both sides allow a sale which gave the Russians access to our uranium stock?  Why didn't you take the bully pulpit to stop this sale from going forward.

It's time for you to stop calling for this investigation of Russia and our election and help our Republican President-Elect to be effective and successful.  What you're doing is helping Obama and the Democrats undermine a Republican presidency.  

It's my belief insiders fed Wikileaks the leaked email information, not Russian hackers.  In any event, why didn't we hear you calling for investigations into the leaked emails or the violations of elections laws before the election?  Wikileaks has a pretty good track record of being accurate.  And, by the way, they say insiders gave them the information they published.

It seems that you, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain are pushing for a war with Russia, along with whiny Democrats.  If I were Putin, I'd be getting pretty irritated at American legislators and media right now.  I think we the people, and I suspect Kentuckians, are becoming fed up.  Enough.  Stop it

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