William H's Email to Representative Don Beyer

01/21/2017 17:50

I gave you a grade of F.

Normally when I send a note to a Congressman it is with suggestions on how I think things could be improved. The ideas are only sent as suggestions and not in anyway in the form of demands.

However in your case you are not worth the effort as you are not an American to which would even consider what might be beneficial to the country. You have no regard for our Constitution nor our form of government. By aligning yourself with those who boycotted the inauguration of Donald Trump and questioning the authenticity of the election, you have lost all respect and credibility.  Like it or not he was elected by the people over Hillary, the most corrupt and worst candidate to ever run for the office. If you wanted to object to anything it should have been her nomination that was obtained  by lying and cheating. You do not represent the people and with your misguided view that you and you alone know what is best for America to the exclusion of the people our Constitution and it’s Laws. I am calling on you to do the honorable thing, if you are capable which is doubtful, and renounce your citizenship and find a country that not only supports your kind of childishness,  but who would  also accept you. You are a disgrace to our Republic and I am thoroughly ashamed to call you an American. You are not part of the problem, you and the others like you are the problem. Grow up or get out.

William Jay Harris

Martin Luther King called for peace, unity and the equalization of all Americans. He died again today, embarrassed  by all those of every color who are using his name for all the things that he was fighting against. 

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