Beverly T's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

02/01/2017 21:01

Do Republicans really get it how fed up the people in this country are?  Do whatever you need to do to get the Cabinet positions filled and the Supreme Court judge appointed.  

We're watching the "leftist" demonstrations and we know they're not grassroots.  This is an organized, well-funded attempt to to destroy this country and I believe the Democrats will pay for it in the next election.  

I realize that this is a busy time right now, but I hope your aide who reads this will bring the information in this article to  your attention -- the wisdom of Saint Thomas Aquinas on immigration:

"When facing contemporary problems, modern policy makers can often benefit from the wisdom of the great saints and scholars who have dealt with versions of the same issues in ages past."

The information here would be worthy of passing on to the 19 Republicans who are opposed to the Trump Travel Ban.  We want our borders secured.  Period.  If it were French Catholics blowing us up, then you should ban French Catholics from immigrating to our country.  It's not unconstitutional.  But, it's not French Catholics, is it?


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