Roxanne G's Email to Representative Devin Nunes

03/29/2017 15:54

Grade of A. Stand strong against the dems and media who do not have any proof. They are scared about the things they have done. I'm behind you. The swamp is scared and it sounds like you are on the right track. If they persist you can bring up the 20% of America's uranium that Hilary sold to Russia and all the millions that was given to Clintons Foundation. And all of the millions Bill got for speaking to Russian Banks. And there wasn't one news org. or dem who brought all that up as being bought off by the Russians. They took money from the Russians. And if I remember in 2006 when the dems took the House, the House led by Pelosi wanted to go and talk with Assad. They thought he was a great person to lead his country. Pres Bush asked them not to go over to Syria but Pelosi marched over there with several other democrats to welcome Assad. Its about time that the Republicans start fighting fire with fire. The dems are getting away with too much. Follow the money and I'm tired of the dems claiming things with no proof and getting away with their fake stories. And those so called Republicans who do not stand their ground. They need to lose their seats. The dem are shameful. No wonder Donald Trump won the Presidency. We need more Republicans that are brave and who are for the American people. 

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