William H's Email to Representative Ami Bera

04/06/2017 15:42

I gave you a grade of F.

I and a majority of Americans are thoroughly disgusted by your actions. You were hired by us the people to get the job of making this a safer and better country. You are a disgrace as you are doing nothing but being an obstructionist. When you will not recognize the fact that we want change from the old style of doing only what will line your pockets and keep you in office you should resign. Was it not bad enough that Obama destroyed the Democratic Party but now you keep on with those same policies. Are you really so ignorant that you will do anything to keep the new administration from straightening up all of your failures. Just to name a few of your childish actions: 1 - Pushing through Bills that impact the people but exempt yourself. 2 - Promoting the nonsense of not attending the inauguration 3 - Promoting violent protests over things such as a temporary ban against people from Countries that are terrorist havens until proper vetting can be achieved . 4 - Slowing down the process of approving cabinet positions over some of the most qualified people to ever have been appointed. 5 - Coming out in favor of blocking a Supreme Court Justice before you even know who it will be  6 - Trying to block a man that was given consent by 100% just a few years ago and is extremely qualified. 7 - Doing everything possible to keep the new administration from doing the job that you failed at for the last 8 years. You do not deserve your position and if you will not do what you were hired to do you should either resign or be fired at the time of the next election. Grow up and start acting like a responsible adult and not like a 10 year old child. 

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