William H's Email to Representative Tom Cole

08/05/2017 15:23

I gave you a grade of F.

1 -  Obama Care will be immediately repealed. In it's place a Bill will be 
written  that allows buying insurance across state lines and will not be    
governmet run but controled in the same manner as utilities.
2 - The IRS will be eliminated. In its place there will be a Flat Tax. The
Corporate Tax Rate will be lowered to 15%.
3 - There will be Term Limits for Congress. Two 5 year terms for Senators
and three 3 year terms for Representatives.
4 - There will be Term Limits for all Federal and Supreme Court Judges.
One 15 year term with mandatory retirement at the age of 75.
5 - Once service for an elected or appointed office is over, all
compensation will cease.
6 - Congress will participate in Social Security. All funds in the
Congressional retirement fund will be moved into the Social Security System.
7 - Congress will lose their current Health Care System and will participate
in the same system as everyone else.
8 - Congress must abide by all laws they impose on the American People.
9 - Congress will no longer vote themselves pay raises but will receive a
salary equal to the National Average.
10 - Salaries of all government employees will not exceed those of similar
positions in private industry.
11 - Voter ID will be mandatory for voting by means of a National
Picture ID card and possibly a chip as on your bank card.
12 - All welfare recipients will work 25 hours a week on Government
projects to claim benefits and will be subject to random Drug screening.
13 - All Food Stamp Programs will be for staples only. ( rice, beans, pasta, )
vegetables and a modicum of meat)
14 - No one on Welfare, Food Stamps or other government hand out
programs will be allowed to vote.
15 - Our borders will be closed to all but legal citizens, legal visitors  and
legal immigrants.
16 - Sharia Law will be outlawed and The Constitution and Bill of Rights will
supercede all other laws and legislation

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