Beverly T's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

09/21/2018 02:12

I gave you a grade of C.  We gave Republicans the House; we gave the Republicans the Senate.  What I see is Democrats still running the government, jerking Rebublicans around.  I know you don't like President Trump, but he is the elected President and we don't expect you to be part of the disgraceful resistance.  Anyone with common sense knows this resistance has some evil money behind it.  People are being paid to protest and this means someone is guilty of trying to destroy this country.  They should be charged for it.  Tell Sen. Grassley to take control of his committee and get on with it.  Christine Ford is playing dirty as are the Democrats.  He should not allow Ford or her attorneys to make demands of the process.  Frankly, I think she should have been told she's about 30 years too late in making uncorrobated accusations.  This #MeToo movement of destroying men simply by making an accusation needs to be stopped.  It could happen to you, it could happen to any man.  It could happen to my husband, it could happen to my two sons.  The rule of law shouldn't be thrown out the window.  

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