William H's Email to Representative Albio Sires

10/02/2018 15:18

I gave you a grade of F.

1 - Congress will have the same retirement & healthcare as everybody else.
2 - Congress will obey its own laws
3 - English will become the National Language
4 - Borders will be closed to all but legal, citizens, immigrants and visitors
5 - Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare
7. Balance the Budget
9 - Term limits for congress
10 - Age limit for Federal Judges
11 - Voter ID mandatory by means of a National Picture ID Card
12 - Welfare recipients will work 25 hours a week on Govt projects
13 - Abolish the filabuster and vote into law a Line Item Veto
14 - All Food Stamp Programs will be for staples only
15 - Primary elections will all be held on the same day in every state
16 - Sanctuary cities and states will no longer receive Federal Funds
17 - The Constitution and Bill of Rights will supecede all other laws

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