Gary P's Email to Representative James R. Langevin

05/14/2020 12:34

I gave you a grade of F.

It’s time for the worthless Democratic party to get their heads screwed on right and instead of bashing trump 24, 7, do something that makes sense and go after this Idiot below, even though he is one of your parties top donors!!!  He’s a dangerous Idiot out to destroy America!!!!




It is very hard for me as an 82 year old American who served this great country and very proud. Now as I listen to you Liberal Democrats and a Liberal Media who is brain washed to your type of policies it breaks my heart to see the direction we are headed. As one good example, your tireless efforts to bring down a President that was elected by the people, when we have a dangerous person funding all this hate groups and others whose main mission is to bring the President down. I am talking about George Soros and his group of renegades and protesters who follow all his damaging policies on areas that hurt America. You elected Democrats must put your minds straight and do the right thing and start an immediate investigation on this worthless piece of human trash.


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