Kathleen J's Email to Senator Ron Johnson

08/13/2020 14:56

I gave you a grade of D.  Oops!  Should have been F-.  You, Senator are an enemy to the American people.  A true Benedict Arnold pretendting to be opposition to the entrenched D.C. corruption and anti American leftists destroying our country.  We KNOW about Republican involvement in the Coup against President Trump.  We KNOW that you gave away the House in 2018.  We KNOW that EVERY Republican voted to keep Pres. Trump from making recess appts.  We KNOW that after taking the Presidency, House, and Senate, Republicans did NOTHING to replace Obamacare, enforce immigration laws and investigate rampant corruption under Obama.  We KNOW that the Republican party establishment is corrupt and an enemy of patriotic Americans.  I, sir, will pay to view you and your duplicitous colleagues hang in the public square.  We KNOW!  Justice cometh, you lying bastard!

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