John L's Email to Representative Jerrold Nadler

09/26/2020 17:41

I gave you a grade of F. The question is did you defecate in your pants while on and leaving the podium the other day with Pelosi & another democratic moron next to you.  Could you smell yourself as you began to waddle off the stage you piece of garbage?? You are one uncouth disgraceful political dinoseur and you smell bad whether you have a pant load full of shit or not.  To me, you and Pelosi are poster boy and girl for term limits. Both of you creepy nitwits have been in public office for far too long and you have no idea what is needed for the country to move forward and I can assure you it has nothing to do with impeachment or more committee testimony from anybody.  You are a total disgrace to the democratic process and the useful idiots who keep voting you in are getting everything they deserve.  Give us all a break and resign & go back to your cesspool city you asshole.

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