Beverly T's Email to Senator Mitch McConnell

10/01/2020 23:05

I gave you a grade of C.  I did this because I'm extremely disappointed in your performance on Fox News tonight.  I'm disappointed in the entire Republican party.  None of you have our President's back.  You had the perfect bully pulpit tonight to take up for President Trump, to have his back.  How many times does he have to say he condems white supremacists?  How many?  He is asked to condemn white supremacy all the time and all the time he says that he does condemn.  Yet, no Democrat nor any Republican is asked to disavow Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  You could have pointed it out that the Joe Biden wasn't hounded to disavow those two anarchist organizations.  Several Republican senators have been on tv today, none stood up for President Trump.  Are you afraid of Democrats?  Seems like they've got power over the Republicans, yet we're supposed to keep voting for you who won't stand up to the opposition.  I've watched the antics of Antifa long before Donald Trump ran for office.  You are allowing the criminals, the leftists, to run all over the citizens, allowing them to bully at will.  For example, doxxing and harrassing at an individual's home has to be a violation of every citizen's right to be safe, to pursue happiness, liberty, so why haven't the doxxers been hunted down and arrested?  They aren't peaceful protesting.  When they trounce on the rights of other people, their rights have ended.  By the way, do you know who the Proud Boys are?  They aren't white supremacists, they aren't alt-right.  They are citizens standing up for their rights and protecting some people who need it.  The police aren't protecting people, so who's supposed to do it.  You might consider having your staff research the Proud Boys.  They aren't the ones who are burning down cities, looting and destroying businesses, trying to kill people and police with bricks, baseball bats, skateboards and incendiary devices.  When are you Republican Representatives and Senators going to stand up and call them out?  Do you think they're the ones that will vote you back in office.

I want to be respectful, but I'm angry today at what I've been seeing out of the Republican senators on tv.


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