Kathleen J's Email to Representative Jody Hice

12/01/2020 06:25

I gave you a grade of F.  The GOP are nothing but whores to the donor class.  Kemp and Ducey are filthy up their necks in treasonous Chinese money.  The national and state GOP are a disgrace that sold out America's prosperity and future a long time ago.  Now, you want to steal our free and fair elections while you beg for money for the Georgia senate runoff in which your corrupt secretary of state has enabled the same rigged election to occur AGAIN!  Stunning!  President Trump won in a landslide and we will never accept this thirld world bullshit.  You really think that 80+ million of us will just shrug and walk away from President Trump?  LOL!!!!  You had better grow a pair really quickly because if this flagrant fraud stands, the GOP is destroyed and it's war.  Better dead than red!!

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