Gary P's Email to Representative Mark Amodei

12/01/2020 13:42

I gave you a grade of F.

To the 535 members of Congress and Senate!!

  I cannot take what is going on in this great country any longer.

  Whether you are a Democrat or Republican it is shameful the way you have represented the American people.

  This country is on a fast track to socialism thanks to your lack of cooperation and this newly elected and totally out of control President, and the cabinet he is selecting, is nothing but a bunch of Socialist who will cover up all the criminal activities, and fraud of the last election

  I am an 82-year-old male that served my country with great pride only to see this country heading toward a total transformation that most Americans do not want.

  When our you elected officials going to wake up and see what this idiot is doing to us and a great nation. We elected you to keep this country great not bend and break at the policies of a total idiot.

      A Very concerned   American

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