Gary P's Email to Representative Jeff Fortenberry

02/07/2021 12:45

I gave you a grade of D.

  I cannot take what is going on in this great country any longer.

  Whether you are a Democrat or Republican it is shameful the way you have represented the American people.

  This country is on a fast track to socialism thanks to your lack of cooperation and this newly elected and totally out of control President, and the cabinet he is selecting, is nothing but a bunch of Socialist who will cover up all the criminal activities, and fraud of the last election

  I am an 82-year-old male that served my country with great pride only to see this country heading toward a total transformation that most Americans do not want. And you just proved you’re a big part of it!!

  When our you elected officials going to wake up and see what this idiot is doing to us and a great nation. We elected you to keep this country great not bend and break at the policies of a total idiot. And now after the votes to Impeach a setting President you have just demonstrated this country has turned into a third world country. How the hell can you wake up every day and claim you are an American. Shame on all of you for bending to the few that have dictated their direction of a great country.


      A Very concerned   American and disappointed in you as one who voted to impeach Trump who is trying hard to expose the Deep State



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