Margo R's Email to Senator Maggie Hassan

03/01/2021 17:39

I gave you a grade of F today because I don't see you doing anything to try to fix the election fraud that we just experienced.  Dominion cheating machines, people registering and voting who are dead, people voting in states they don't live in and you just don't seem to care.  The frustration of the voters is growing because it is being put right in our faces that our votes no longer matter at all to anyone.  Just as Joe Biden said during his campaign - "I don't need your vote to get elected."  He also said that he had the best voter fraud team set up before the election.  I just wanted to take the time to let you know that many of us voters (like a very large chunk) have made a pact that we 1) will NOT donate money to any campaign, 2) will NOT volunteer any of our time to a candidate's election and 3) will not vote in any form until the 2020 election has been thoroughly audited and found to be valid or the problems found and fixed.  Until then we are out of politics and feel totally disenfrancised.  I guess you guys now pay (or makie deals) to win elections or get paid if you are the loser and are willing not to bring up the election fraud (like Romney v. Obama).  The cat's out of the bag and we know how politics works these days.  And you can use someone else's money to play the game, not ours.

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