Gary P's Email to Representative Pramila Jayapal

03/20/2021 12:20

I gave you a grade of F.

   I am writing this letter with great concern on the direction of this great country I love and served with respect, it had become obvious under this new Administration all that was accomplished from the last Administration and the great direction this country was headed is all in the past and headed back the wrong direction. We as American’s have elected you to be aware of any conditions that would change and in effect reverse this direction. You must do everything in your power to stand up to these far­- left individuals who are on a fast track to make this country a Socialist Nation and it must stop!!

  I write to you in hopes as an elected American your concerns will be the same as mine any many more of the people I have visited with. We absolutely at any cost must not let this happen to the country we love and defended. We will be watching how you respond as a caring American in exerting all the powers at your disposal to shut their movement down!!!

  The next thing that is a growing and dangerous to our Democracy is this powerful Teachers Union who if not stopped and disbanded or re organized will ruin a generation of school children. You people were elected to make sure these kinds of situations do not happen. You and your fellow elected colleagues are letting this country down in a huge way.

  Please!! Please if you care and are really serious about the vows you accepted to protect and defend the United States of American get serious and do your job. Your a real loser Lady!!SAD

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