Ron S's Email to Senator Jerry Moran

03/26/2021 13:59

I gave you a grade of F. I contacted you back in October because I had received no stimulus checks due to the IRS' total incompetence or any other unemployment funds. (I was fully eligible for both stimulus checks and should also have received at least special unemployment funds.) I desperately needed the money as I could have even been evicted as I've been making almost no money throughout this COVID crisis! Your staffer Susan Metzker contacted me back and told me that this would be resolved promptly. Fast forward many months: I STILL HAVE RECEIVED 0 DOLLARS TOTAL from the government throughout this entire COVID crisis. I'm completely furious. I felt the help from your staff was completely pathetic. My impression was that Susan Metzker did basically nothing for me at all after the initial contact. I contacted her back the other day finally and she asked whether she could call me: IDIOTIC!!!! She knows my case completely and I said it would make a lot more sense if she finally contacted the IRS or the Governor's office again and got me some money! She was a quite loopy person and completely incompetent.

Senator, In an emergency like this, people are COUNTING ON YOU TO HELP THEM. Your help was absolutely pathetic and non-existent. I got written back on the Internet by a California congressman who said he had fought for his constituents and gotten them their money. WHEN HAVE YOU BEEN FIGHTING FOR ME? Being a congressman is more than just collecting a big paycheck of 170,000 DOLLARS A YEAR (you don't even deserve minimum wage!!!) and "feeling important". It's more than just going to fancy country clubs and sitting in VIP sections at K-State sporting events. YOUR HELP WAS PATHETIC AND THANKS FOR ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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