Gary P's Email to Representative Albio Sires

11/18/2021 13:34

I gave you a grade of F.Any Democrat that will vote for Bidens wild spending bill and this retribution to illegal immigrants of $450,000 proves to me they are Un-American and need to be voted out of any American Government office!! This is without a doubt the last straw we the people should put up with!!


As an American who grew up and served and love his country, I has a question that is time to be answered, What kind of loyal American would sink so low to get voters, go through the process of open borders that allow gang members, virus infected people, terrorist, and all kinds looking for free everything you can think of. Our country is at a very low point and the only way out is to demand these worthless leaders in the guilty party to change their policies at once or we the people will change it for the country we love. Also coming up on the 20 Anniversary of 9-11 do we have the confidence these worthless leaders can protect Americans from all the terrorist that have secretly

Entered our country thanks to their socialist policies.

Three Guesses as to what party we are referring to!! Start with a (D)   

Time for you and all the old senile group of Democrats to get the hell out and let this country be great again

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